do NOT say “piss fucker” on the internet. its highly illegal. so illegal that the FBI will show up to your house and ki

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Kylie Jenner’s lips are getting out of control

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feel free to unfollow if you:


  • don’t like me
  • liked me at one point, but don’t like me anymore
  • hate what i post
  • hate what i have to say about xyz topic
  • find me annoying
  • don’t have anything in common with me anymore, and are bored by the things i post
  • feel obligated by whatever personal reason you may have to keep following me, even if literally any of those above things apply

this applies to mutuals as well. your dash should be your happy place, so no hard feelings and i wish you the best in life

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when your waiter comes out with food but it’s for another table




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i said a swear once and next thing you know i was doing meth

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kids born in 2000 never have to worry about forgetting how old they are

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